Topics Covered

Using this Comprehensive Binder and Materials, You Will:

Be Trauma-Informed from Your First Encounter to the End of Your Investigation

Trauma can have a neurobiological impact on the brain, sometimes causing impaired verbal skills, short-term memory loss, memory fragmentation and delayed recall. Your investigations must account for this to be thorough and fair.

Follow Federal Guidance

Title IX guidance from the federal government recommends handling sexual assault investigations and the reporting and responding parties in some new ways. This newly updated version of our popular Trauma-Informed Sexual Assault Investigations Training Binder reflects those changes, providing current guidance and strategies to keep your institution in compliance.

Conduct Investigations that Avoid Re-traumatization and Treat All Involved Fairly

This resource breaks down the highly effective trauma-informed, student-centered approach to sexual assault investigations into how-to strategies. You’ll learn how to avoid common misconceptions, the types of questions to ask, what not to do and say, and the prompts you can use to lead to optimum disclosure. Plus, you'll find out how to create processes that are fair and equitable to both reporting and responding parties. This resource makes your difficult work easier.

Adapt Ready-Made Training Tools into Your Trauma-Informed Approach

Move beyond just complying to putting care and compassion into action with these ready-made training tools — and you’ll save time and effort implementing trauma-informed, student-centered practices within your overall sexual assault response. You’ll get active, hands-on resources for training staff and faculty, including:

  • Case studies with discussion questions
  • Definitions
  • Handouts
  • Fact sheets
  • Worksheets
  • Self-tests

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